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suPHP is not maintained any longer and will not receive any further updates not even security patches.
If you want to continue using suPHP, feel free to create a fork (the complete code is licensed under the GPL version 2).
If you are looking for an alternative, have a look at php-fpm.
There also is a fork of suPHP maintained by John Lightsey on GitHub.

There is a mailing list for questions concerning suPHP.

If you have problems running suPHP or think you have found a bug, you can send a mail to this mailing list.

As a reason of time, I cannot offer personal support for suPHP any longer. Please use the mailing-list mentioned above. You can still contact me using the e-mail address sebastian dot marsching at suphp dot org.

Please note that you may have to wait a very long time until you get an answer, and there is even no guarantee that you will ever get one.
(c) 2006-2008 Sebastian Marsching

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