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suPHP is not maintained any longer and will not receive any further updates not even security patches.
If you want to continue using suPHP, feel free to create a fork (the complete code is licensed under the GPL version 2).
If you are looking for an alternative, have a look at php-fpm.
There also is a fork of suPHP maintained by John Lightsey on GitHub.

When can I expect a new suPHP release?
suPHP is not being actively maintained at the moment. This might change in the future. You should have a look at the mailing-list for discussions about new releases.
Can I use suPHP with Apache 2.0?
Yes, you can. The Apache 2.0 module provides even more features than the Apache 1.3 module!
Does suPHP work with Apache 2.2?
Yes, since version 0.6.2 Apache 2.2 is supported.
When I am using suPHP I have zombie processes. What's the problem?
Apache 1.3.28 has a bug in the Apache core which causes CGI processes not to be ended correctly. mod_suphp uses some of this core functions, however it is not a bug in mod_suphp but in Apache itself. The bug is first occured in Apache 1.3.28 and is fixed since Apache 1.3.29.
Why do my scripts not work and why do I get an "Premature end of script headers" in the error_log?
You probably have installed the CLI version of PHP, but you need the CGI version. Copy the file /build/path/sapi/cgi/php to /where/ever/you/have/installed/bin/php to use the CGI version.
I have installed and configured suPHP, but PHP scripts are still not executed. Instead of returning the script output, the source code itself is returned.
Please make sure you have not only setup the file extensions using the AddType directive but also have registered the MIME type with mod_suphp using the suPHP_AddHandler directive.
Does suPHP support code highlighting by using the ".phps" extension?
Since suPHP 0.7.0 there is support for syntax highlighting. You have to assign the application/x-httpd-php-source type to the corresponding extension (e.g. .phps) and to set the suPHP_PHPPath directive correctly (see documentation for details).
Can I use the php_value directives in .htaccess files with suPHP?
suPHP does not support the php_value/php_admin_value directive known by mod_php to parse configuration options to scripts for certain virtual hosts or directories. However there is a PECL extension named htscanner that can be used with PHP CGI (called by suPHP) to parse such options being present in .htaccess files. Be sure to take a look at the README file provided with the htscanner distribution on how to make Apache ignore the php_value directives in .htaccess files instead of throwing an error.
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