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suPHP is not maintained any longer and will not receive any further updates not even security patches.
If you want to continue using suPHP, feel free to create a fork (the complete code is licensed under the GPL version 2).
If you are looking for an alternative, have a look at php-fpm.
There also is a fork of suPHP maintained by John Lightsey on GitHub.

== suPHP Apache module   ==


mod_suphp knows the following configuration directives:

suPHP_Engine (can either be turned "on" or "off")

This option tells mod_suphp if a PHP-script requested on this server (or
VirtualHost) should be run with the PHP-interpreter or returned to the
browser "as it is".

This directive can be used in the global context or in a

suPHP_ConfigPath (expects a path name)

This option tells mod_suphp which path to pass on to the PHP-interpreter
(by setting the PHPRC environment variable).
Do *NOT* refer to a file but to the directory the file resists in.

E.g.: If you want to use "/path/to/server/config/php.ini", use 
"suPHP_ConfigPath /path/to/server/config".

If you don't use this option, PHP will use its compiled in default path.

suPHP_UserGroup (expects user- and groupname)

* Only supported when compiled with setid-mode "force" or "paranoid" *
Specify the user- and groupname to run PHP-scripts with. This setting
can only be used within a <Directory> or <Location> context.
Example: suPHP_UserGroup foouser bargroup

suPHP_AddHandler <mime-type>

Tells mod_suphp to handle requests with the type <mime-type>.
Please note this only works, if an action for the handler is specified
in the suPHP configuration file. Settings on per-directory level supersede
settings made on per-server level.

suPHP_RemoveHandler <mime-type>

Tells mod_suphp NOT to handle requests with the type <mime-type>. This will
override the suPHP_AddHandler setting made on a higher configuration level.

suPHP_PHPPath (expects a path name)

Sets the path to the PHP binary that is used to render files with the
"x-httpd-php" or "application/x-httpd-php" type. This setting does
*NOT* affect the PHP binary used for serving script requests, which is
still configured in suphp.conf.

(c)2002-2007 by Sebastian Marsching
Please see LICENSE for
additional information
(c) 2006-2008 Sebastian Marsching

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